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The Author - I've always had a passionate interest in military subjects, particularly tactics and equipment at the individual level. With this blog I've combined that passion with my interest in the world of shooting and a manufacturing background to create what I hope is a unique informational experience. I've interacted with many professional users and have spent a great deal of time assisting both LEO and active U.S. military users with equipment purchase decisions and related information, and have done the same for the civilian and sport shooting communities.

The Blog - This blog is dedicated to smart, accurate, up to date analysis and information on tactical equipment, shooting gear, and related subjects. This includes body armor, load bearing or MOLLE gear, helmets, hearing protection, equipment use philosophy, and more. News relating to the tactical and shooting industries is also covered.

Conduct - Discussion is welcome and encouraged but subject to the blogs discretion. Spam, nonsense, and other such distractions will not be tolerated. You are free to disagree, offer alternative viewpoints, etc. but doing so in an overtly hostile manner will result in comment deletion. This is a space for intelligent discussion and sharing of experience. 

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