.327 Federal Magnum from Ruger LCR - Velocity Info

The .327 Federal Magnum cartridge has been picking up in popularity recently, but even so hard data on velocities, ballistics, and gel performance are hard to come by - especially from short barreled firearms like the Ruger LCR.

That said, lets get straight to the point. Here's some velocity data for two .327 Federal loads from Federal's American Eagle line fired from a Ruger LCR. Muzzle was about 3 feet from chronograph.

100gr soft point -

1272 FPS

1297 FPS

1314 FPS

Average: 1294 FPS

85gr soft point -

1182 FPS

1236 FPS

1254 FPS

Average: 1224

While not comprehensive data is does demonstrate that even out of a short barrel the .327 Federal Magnum is capable of producing respectable velocities without having to resort to using lightweight bullets.

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