(Disregard) AR500 Armor Appears to Drop Militia Steel Helmet Before Release

2/24/20 EDIT - The information in this article may be disregarded, please click here for the new post on this matter.

AR500 Armor - known primarily for their steel body armor plates - announced in November of 2019 the upcoming release of their Militia steel helmet, as covered here. However, it appears that the helmet has been dropped from their product line before it ever hit the market. The helmet no longer appears on AR500's product listings for helmets on their website and there has been no official news on it since. Further, their original release deadline for an early 2020 full product release has likely passed.

However, the videos that AR500 Armor released on their YouTube channel regarding the helmet have not been removed, though there is no clear explanation for this.

AR500 Armor was taking pre-orders for the helmet but it appears that no one with an order has spoken out about the situation, so info on the situation is scarce. That said it may be possible that AR500 is retooling their marketing of the helmet or reexamining the market situation. With that in mind it is entirely possible they have chosen to drop the helmet entirely - if this is the case it was likely due to poor pre-order numbers which would signal that the helmet would sell even more poorly at its full price without the pre-order discount.

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