Body Armor Tip - ACH Nape Pads as Ballistic Shoulder Pads

There are many tales of the ballistic nape pad issued originally with the ACH helmet being thrown in the garbage as unused gear. It proved generally unpopular in its intended use, but there is an alternative use for the ballistic nape pad that may make it worthy of being saved from the trash bin.

The nape pads attachment method, a couple of flaps held closed with Velcro, is conveniently wide enough to fit over most plate carrier straps easily, allowing for two nape pads to be affixed to a plate carrier as makeshift ballistic shoulder pads. The nape pad even features spacer mesh on the body side, and the curve of the nape pad fits decently around the neck when used as shoulder pads.

An ACH/ECH ballistic nape pad.

With the ballistic package in the nape pad sitting over your shoulders you are affording some fragmentation protection to your subclavian arteries, especially in the event of an overhead blast. That said if you're in a position to experience such fragmentation threats and have a few nape pads laying around it may be worth it to toss them on your plate carrier as a bit of added protection.

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