Book Review: Body Armor - The Development of the Kevlar Vest

This was a book I found in my earlier searches for information on body armor and its history. Written by Nicholas Montanarelli this book contains insider information that cannot be found elsewhere. It offers a unique perspective on the early history and development of the first ballistic armor vest to incorporate DuPont Kevlar as a ballistic material in addition to featuring photos and informational graphs I have yet to find elsewhere, and likely cannot be found elsewhere.

Montanarelli was directly involved in development and design of early armor vests, including the first vests to use Kevlar. In this book he relates first hand experience, knowledge, photos, and other information that would have otherwise been lost to time. In the many hours I've spent researching body armor I have still failed to find another source of information as rich in the history of armor development as this. 

Contained within is an in-depth look at early U.S. based armor development efforts and the technology and people behind it all. There's bits of info for both those interested in the technical aspects of body armor and those more interested in the historical aspects of it. While Montanarelli's skills as a writer are somewhat lacking it does not degrade the raw value of the information contained in this book. It is a must read, in my opinion, for anyone with even a passing interest in either the technical or historical aspects of modern armor and I thank the author for his efforts in creating this book.

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