Coming Updates and a Possible Posting Hiatus

Hello everyone, figured it was time for another update regarding the blog.

There are several things I want to update and some back-end matters that need some time put into them, so with that said there may be a bit of a posting hiatus, starting now. I want to dedicate some serious time to making necessary changes, working on new content, and refreshing old content.

As regards the refreshing of old content, there are some articles and photos that no longer meet my quality standard. Those articles are not being removed, but will be revised with improved photography (MUCH improved, in some cases) and rewritten info if necessary. What this means for readers is that the quality of content here can only be expected to improve. Other planned updates include minor visual tweaks and back-end work. There may be some interface changes - I will be corresponding with a few people to test some things out if I decide to change the interface which will primarily affect mobile users.

That said I apologize for what will likely be a several week long hiatus, but within that time I will be working to improve the site and make using it a better experience as well as working on a sizable chunk of new content. If new content is posted during this time it will likely be text-only articles.

With all that said, I'd like to sincerely thank everyone who reads and follows the blog and I hope you stick with it through this period.

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