Stealth Armor Systems - Hexar Titan Flexible Rifle Armor Earns NIJ Certification

An extremely rare, nearly unheard of event - flexible rifle armor earning NIJ Certification. The Hexar Titan flexible rifle armor system from Stealth Armor Systems has officially earned NIJ Certification and is listed on the NIJ Compliant Products List. The Hexar Titan armor is Certified as Level III with a warranty period of 8 years.

Flexible rifle armor as a concept has a storied history, mainly due to the famous (some would say infamous) Dragon Skin armor system developed by Pinnacle Armor sometime in the early 2000's. That said it's not an idea without merit as the benefits of a flexible rifle armor system should be fairly obvious. Compared to the current standard of fully rigid armor plates a flexible rifle armor system would allow for greater range of movement - even with increased coverage over typical rigid plates - which translates to superior ergonomics and long term wear comfort, at least in theory.

Regardless, this is an interesting and somewhat unique development in the armor industry and something worth keeping an eye on.

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