The Purpose and Future of the Tactical Gear Blog

I began this blog in July of 2019, when the original intent was for it to act primarily as a repository of information so I had somewhere to point people to when they asked me a question – I could simply link them to the appropriate article instead of typing/dictating a whole book to them to explain body armor, the principals behind modern load carriage systems, etc.

However, plans changed over the first few months. I started expanding the intended scope of the blog to include the firearms industry and civilian shooting world alongside the professional tactical world. With that said I’d like to lay out the purpose of the blog and its intended future.

Purpose –

The current purpose behind the Tactical Gear Blog is to develop an independent multimedia experience covering both the tactical and commercial gear/training/firearms sectors along with any ancillary industries. What I want to create is a space for professional tactical and civilian shooting interests to mesh into one cohesive source.

The current trend amongst media sources is towards increasing monopolization and consolidation. While there are understandable concerns about this trend on a general level, the bottom line on the user end is that media consumers (that’s you, the reader) increasingly expect their media to come from fewer and fewer sources. Ask yourself – what media sources do you use? Probably a varied combination of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube alongside a small handful of larger forum sites or the like. And of course Instagram is not an independent company, they are owned by Facebook Inc. just as YouTube is now a property of Google.

With that in mind the intended scope of the blog going forward is fairly broad – I intend not to shift focus but rather to expand upon what is being focused on. I desire to grow the site and its associated media accounts into a large network that people can access for all tactical and firearms related content. Under this umbrella I want to bring together the tactical community at large (soldiers, law enforcement, contractors, trainers, manufacturers, etc.) alongside EMS as it relates to the tactical community plus the civilian shooting and firearms communities. The goal is for the blog to transform from a simple blog into a large conglomerate with direct involvement from professionals in multiple industries where consumers of tactical and shooting related content can have a one-stop-shop experience.

Future –

With all that said plans for the near future (1 to 3 years) include bringing on guest writers, putting a heavier emphasis on video content, and improving community involvement.

Regarding the last issue, the site itself generates organic traffic but so far none of this traffic has translated into followers on the blog’s social media accounts or a meaningful amount of engagement with the blog itself. With that in mind I’d like to ask readers to take a moment to follow the blogs social media as this will keep you in the loop on content and help the blog grow. This is a symbiotic relationship - in helping the blog grow you are directly contributing to generating more of the content you came here for. You can click the links below to go to the blogs social media pages.

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In regards to the long term (in 3 years and beyond) the goal is for the blog to have grown into a self-supporting media source that offers direct coverage of industry events, a community forum where professionals from the tactical community as well as civilian firearms owners can interact in a moderated space, unique downloadable content, a large network of writers from the professional side, and more.

Conclusion –

I’d like to thank everyone that has read the blog, shared it, and helped it along through feedback on the site format as well as its content. I would like to reiterate that participation by you, the reader, is critical to the blogs success and I thank everyone that puts in the effort to follow and interact on social media as well as comment on the blog. By doing so you are helping to produce more top quality tactical and shooting content and build a user centric experience that will far outpace anything currently available on the net.

With that said - stay safe, stay informed, and thanks for reading.

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