Tactical Gear Blog Posting Policy

Shill comments on blog posts are not allowed. A shill comment is any comment wherein the sole purpose of the comment is to advertise a company and/or product and to drive traffic from this site to the advertised one. If you are a company or influencer you may comment as that company and/or influencer but the content of your comments must be related to the content of the article and cannot include links to your site/s, product/s, or social media unless you have been explicitly cleared to include such links by the Blog. Determination of what constitutes "shilling" or a "shill comment" is entirely up to the discretion of the Blog.

ALL comments and posts on this site or its associated media are subject to removal or sanction for any reason, at the Site's discretion.

Comment Disclaimer

Comments on posts, media, or any other part of the site and its associated media outlets are the sole responsibility of their writers and the writers take full responsibility, liability, and blame for any libel or litigation that results from something written in or as a direct result of something written in a comment.

These terms are subject to change at any time.

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